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Wi-Fi and Networking

Need help with setting up home Wi-Fi network? Wireless networking is the future of home networking and entertainment. With a wireless home network, you can share files, share network devices such as printers, multiple user internet connections, and stream video for home entertainment. Home networking experts at Dog Bytes Computers can help you with selecting right hardware, finding best price for purchase and install your wireless home network.

Our highly skilled technicians can configure your wireless network in a variety of ways to meet the needs of specific applications and installations. Wireless networking allows whole-home coverage for consistent signal, even through walls and floors. We have extensive experience in internet security including WPS/WPA2 encryptions to help protect your data from intruders.

It is hard to beat the easy access and mobility of a wireless home network. Our rates are affordable and in most cases we can do the installation on the same day. Call Dog Bytes Computers today for free consultation.

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