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Dog Bytes Computers wants to help you grow and as such we are always
looking forward to advising you on the best ways to use Information and Technology to reach your business goals both big or small. We offer long-term solution and the best ROI practices. We offer a wide array of assistance including research assistance, project estimates, project management, deployment and administration of your IT systems as a part of our Managed Services.

Why Us?

We know there is competition in the world of IT management and consulting and you’re wondering what can we do better, the answer is simple: We’re human and here for you. As a local business you aren’t going to be put on hold for 35-45 minutes just to ask a simple question, you’ll get results quickly and efficiently via phone and internet, or just come see us face to face in person.

Our job is to provide your business with IT consultation and computer support that benefits you first. We ensure that our solutions address your needs, we can train you to effectively use new equipment and help with the implementation and maintenance so that you are fully satisfied. (Check out Top 6 benefits of hiring an external IT consulting company, an article we posted.)

Above all we focus on the relationship we build with you and your company, we’ve been in business for many years because we know that without trust you can’t make it to the top so we strive to understand your business and expectations then reach or exceed them. We also bring professional IT skills and expertise so that all problems have a solution and we always aim to do it right. We are here because we like our job so you can count on us to make sure you like the job that was done for you.

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