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Some keyboards have a dedicated number pad while others have number keys above the alphabet keys. The dedicated number pad is usually omitted on smaller laptops or notebooks to allow for their compact size. When a number pad is present, there’s also a Num Lock key that goes with it. This Num Lock key can enable and disable the number pad. When the number pad is disabled, tapping one of the number keys does nothing. No number is entered and the cursor usually jumps to the start of the current text line if you press a key on the number pad. If you often accidentally disable your number pad consider using NumLocker. It’s a free Windows utility that lets you keep Num Lock always On, or Off.

Keep Num Lock Always On

Download and install NumLocker. It runs in the system tray. Click the app’s icon and from the menu, select one of the sub-options under Num Lock. If you want to set Num Lock to always remain On, select the ‘Always On’ option.

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Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft pushes security updates to Windows users. It’s done so for the past many years. Windows 10 is no different and these updates are essential. On occasion, the updates might also include feature updates but they will be small. For example, a minor feature update is the mini player in the Groove app, or the fluent design in select UWP apps. Unfortunately, Windows 10 has its fair share of problems with updates. Windows 7 rarely had them but they’re a constant plague in Windows 10. Often, the updates get stuck while downloading. There’s no way to cancel an update and try again unless it fails on its own. Here’s how to fix stuck Windows 10 updates.

Preliminary Checks

Before you begin troubleshooting Windows 10, run the following checks;

You are connected to a stable WiFi network. Try downloading a small app from the Windows Store to make sure the connection isn’t breaking at random.Your WiFi connection is NOT set as a metered connection. Open the Settings app and go to Network & Internet>Wi-Fi. Select the network you’re connected to and go to its details page. Scroll down and make sure the Metered switch is off.Make sure the BITS service is running from the Task Manager. If it isn’t, try starting it.Restart your system at least once and see if that fixes the problem.Check if you’re running any apps that might be blocking Windows 10 updates. Many users who were tired of Windows 10 restarting to install updates turned to apps that could block them. If you’ve ever used an app like that, it might be the real problem. Remove it from your system or disable it until the updates are installed.

Fix Stuck Windows 10 Updates

If all else fails, download the Reset Windows Update Agent script. It can fix quite a few Windows 10 problems including a stuck update. You will need administrative rights to use this script. Make sure the Settings app and the Control Panel app are not open.

Download and extract the script. Right-click the script and select Run as administrator from the context menu. If prompted, enter the admin password. You will see the following screen. Type Y.

The script will ask you what it is you want to do. Since we’re trying to fix stuck Windows 10 updates, type 2, and hit enter.

Let the script work. You don’t need to intervene any further. The command prompt will show you which services it is stopping and restarting. Wait until it says the operation is complete. Open the Settings app again, and check for updates. They will download and install without any further problems.

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The Chromecast has made Android phones exceptionally more powerful. If your Android device has built in support for casting its screen then a Chromecast will work wonders with it. The Chromecast is great if you want to project your phone’s screen to a monitor or TV but if you’re looking to project it to the desktop, you have very clunky options available in most cases. There is of course a much easier way to do it and it’s built into all Android devices with the Cast option. All you need is Windows 10 with the anniversary update or a preview build of the update. The anniversary update includes a new app called Connect which will let you cast your Android, and Windows Phone screen to your desktop. Here’s how it works.

On your Windows 10 PC, search for and launch the app named ‘Connect’. It will tell you it is ready to connect with other devices.

On your Android device, pull down the notification center and tap the Cast button. You won’t see anything listed here unless you’ve got a Chromecast available on your network which isn’t a problem. Tap the ‘More Settings’ button and you will be taken to the Cast screen.

Give it a second or two and you will see your Windows 10 desktop appear in the list here. Tap it to connect.


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Prisma is an iOS and Android app that applies breathtakingly beautiful filters to your photos. The photos come out looking like works of art. The app boasts of an AI that analyzes and applies the filters to photos to create the visually stunning works of art. Prisma had quickly become popular and you have likely seen a ton of the photos created by Prisma users in your Instagram feed. If you want to use the app from your desktop though there is no official app for it. What you need to look for is a work-around which is just what we have. Prisma bot is a Telegram bot that will let you apply Prisma filters to a photo from your desktop. You don’t need to have Telegram installed on your system. The web version of Telegram works just as well but you do need to have an account on Telegram. Here’s how the bot works.

Visit the link at the end of this post and add Prisma bot to Telegram. Click ‘Start’ to begin interacting with it. The bot will not list all Prisma filters for you and if you upload a photo without selecting which filter to apply, the bot will randomly apply one.

To select filters, type and send /filters to the bot. It will list 1-2 filters. Click ‘See more filters’ to view more. Click the ‘Use filter… ‘ option under a filter to select it.

prisma filters

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update is going to roll out slowly but we’re the anxious type and waiting is hard. Naturally, this means we’re going to look for ways to force-get the update. There are rumors floating around that if you download the Media Creation Tool and download the Windows 10 ISO via this tool, you will get the latest version complete with the Anniversary Update. This method worked with the November 2015 update but it isn’t working for everyone with the Anniversary Update. Fortunately, Microsoft has you covered. Here’s how you can get the update now.

In a blog post by Microsoft, the company detailed how you can get the update now. Open the Settings app, go to Update and Security. If it says there are no updates available, simply click the ‘Learn More’ option.

windows update-learn-more

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